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Serious Tax Investigations

Serious Tax Investigations

Cases of suspected tax fraud or tax evasion are the most serious tax investigations a taxpayer can face.


If HMRC have contacted you in relation to suspected tax fraud or tax evasion please do not try and deal with this matter by yourself. You will need specialist help which we can provide.

If you are investigated under Code of Practice 8 (COP8) it usually means that HMRC suspects that a large amounts of tax is outstanding, but that they do not suspect fraud. For example, HMRC might want to challenge aggressive tax planning that you may have implemented.

HMRC uses Code of Practice 9 (COP9) procedures where it suspects that deliberate errors/omissions or serious fraud have taken place.


Although tax fraud is a criminal offence, HMRC will often settle matters through a civil procedure; allowing the use of COP9, the Contractual Disclosure Facility (‘CDF’), to put things right with guaranteed protection against prosecution in exchange for a full and frank disclosure. Telling half truths will cause problems.


You will be expected to meet with HMRC during a COP9 investigation. At this point, a specialist experienced in resolving HMRC tax investigations is essential.

HMRC Disclosures

If you have any source of taxable income not disclosed to the taxman then you need to make an unprompted voluntary disclosure.


We have decades of experience in dealing with HMRC disclosures. There is nothing we haven’t heard or seen. We never judge. We are here to help.

How can Accounts Tax Group help?

Facing an investigation into your tax affairs by HMRC can be daunting, time consuming and costly.


Call us for a no obligation conversation to discuss your tax problem and see if we can assist.


We are on your side and we will protect your interests when dealing with HMRC.

Ask us for help today

Ask us for help today

HMRC always reserve the right to prosecute in all tax evasion cases.  However they are often willing to proceed under their Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) investigation process.


Under the COP 9 investigation process, HMRC will guarantee not to prosecute, and will offer the possibility of a Contract Disclosure Facility (CDF) which requires an Outline Disclosure to be made, followed by a detailed Disclosure Report.  HMRC’s offer will lapse after 60 days.  If you do not respond to their offer, or if you reject it then HMRC will carry out their investigation and may then prosecute.


No investigation by HMRC should be treated lightly.  All investigations will cause anxiety and cost money to deal with even if little or no tax is payable at the end of the day.

Serious tax investigations can cover all taxes and duties including, income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax (CGT), inheritance tax (IHT), national insurance, PAYE and VAT.


The category of tax is irrelevant. What matters is the amount of tax.


If HMRC make contact with you about a serious matter then it is almost certain that they have something on you.


Do not try and deal with any HMRC investigation by yourself.  You will need specialist help which we can provide.


Get in touch with us as a matter of urgency and we will assess your case and deal with HMRC on your behalf.


We are on your side and we will protect your interests when dealing with HMRC.

Most people are aware of any “tax problem” that they may have but the reality is often that they are afraid to deal with the problem because they cannot see “a way out”.


The “tax problem” could be something recent, or something lurking from the distant past. Whatever it is – it needs dealing with.


It is always better to approach HMRC first rather than have them knocking on your door.  Again, don’t approach HMRC by yourself.  The disclosure needs to be properly assessed so that it is complete and maximises your opportunity to demonstrate to HMRC that you are serious about sorting the problem.


If you need to disclose something to HMRC then make your mind up to do just that, and get in touch with us. The penalties are significantly lower for “unprompted disclosure”.


Remember – we are on your side. Let us help you.

The most common types of HMRC disclosure involve undisclosed income.


If you have any source of taxable income undisclosed to the taxman then an HMRC disclosure is required.


We have decades of experience in dealing with HMRC disclosures. Contact us for help.

The good news is that if your HMRC disclosure is prepared correctly, based upon honest and full information supplied to the best of your knowledge then you will not be criminally investigated or prosecuted as part of the HMRC disclosure process.


Your HMRC disclosure can only escalate to a criminal matter if you are not fully truthful and complete in your disclosure.


HMRC can remove your immunity from prosecution at any stage during the process if they feel you are not being completely honest or if you fail to cooperate.


Getting the right help to make your HMRC disclosure is important.


By appointing us, we will manage everything for you and ensure that your disclosure is complete, robust and meets HMRC standards. 


We are on your side.

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